Merinoholics: Meet Jonny

About Jonny

“I am a freelance artist and founder of JTG Original, living in the greater Seattle Area of the Pacific Northwest. I have been an avid outdoor enthusiast since the cub scouts, completing hundreds of hiking and camping adventures over the last 20 years. As a boy scout I rode a mountain bike around the Paradise Trails of Mount Rainier and down Crystal Mountain in the summer. I was nominated by my troop to join the specialized elite group: The Order of the Arrow and completed a 72 hour survival challenge/team building event, with only my 10 essentials. Before earning my Eagle Scout rank, I was honored to backpack the 33 mile Chilkoot Trail into the Yukon and completed the Golden Staircase along the infamous gold rush trail. My exploration didn’t stop on land, as the next summer I set out on a 10 day Sea Kayak trip in the San Juans off the coast of Washington State.


When I’m not dreaming about the timberline and alpine lakes, I run a small design business that has been acclaimed by professional athletes and their families across the country. I find myself using a computer 8-10 hours a day and as my business has grown, my need for the outdoors has increased as well. In 2017 my friends and I started hiking again to get away from it all. It lite a fire in my soul and I set out and completed the 52 hike Challenge in less than 8 months.


Completing 70 hikes in a year (March 2017-March 2018), I learned so much about myself and the limits that can be pushed or broken of both myself and my gear. That is how I stumbled upon Minus33. I wanted gear that was tried and true, but I also like to support up and coming business’ that share my passions. After reading some heartfelt reviews, it was obvious that your customers, truly loved your products. I was extremely impressed with the glove liners that I received and I knew I had found a good match. After winning the photo contest for the Ridge Cuff Beanie I became obsessed with the Merino Life. I’ve since upgraded to a professional grade camera and I’m taking my artist eye to the photography field and receiving a lot of gear from my favorite companies via social media influence (Subaru of America, SOG Knives and Tools, SOG Backpacks).


I look forward to more and more training as I attempt 75 hikes within 2018, with The Netherlands, Ireland and Italy on the agenda. I’m hoping to represent Minus33 and encourage my followers and fans to support the brand that I use as well.”


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