Merinoholics: Meet Evan

About Evan

“I manage a clothing store in Park City. Music, the outdoors, and generally indulging in everything this beautiful planet has to offer are my main interests. From scouring a city in search of bright eyes, to wandering the vast desolate expanse of untouched terrain. I am proudly from Utah and I love to travel to the East and South of this state as often as I can. Deep Utah powder is the most rare and special activity to be found here. “

Favorite Minus33 Product: “Anything in Expedition Weight.”


Minus 33 Merino wool clothing, the wasatch was blessed with heavy snowfall

The Wasatch was Blessed with Heavy Snowfall


Just when I thought it was all over and gave up all hope, the Wasatch was blessed with heavy snowfall (2 to 3 feet in areas) of our usual preference…high density, low moisture fluffy greatness. Although this season was pretty terrible for me for many reasons, just one good day outdoors with friends is enough to remind me how much magic surrounds me every day. On the morning of April 16th, my backyard was coated in white and surrounded by misty clouds, singing in the sunlight. READ MORE