Meet Ben - Minus33® Merino Wool Clothing

Meet Ben

About Ben

I’m an adventure enthusiast. I love getting out and exploring the unknown – there are possible large future expeditions- stay tuned! Doing all of this is a great way to inspire others and make a positive impact on the planet. Along with going on adventures, I’m a big advocate of living a healthy lifestyle so I work on helping others with their fitness.  I love Minus33 because all of its gear and the brand itself are aligned with many of the same values that I find important.

Favorite Minus33 Product: Any of the lightweight garments because from my experiences these can be used in a wide variety of locations!


Minus 33 Merino wool clothing, Why go light?

Why Go Light?

Over the years, backpacking has evolved on so many levels.

Everything from the type of gear you carry, the food you bring, and the trips you take are becoming more demanding and extreme. Over the past fifteen or so years, backpacking has really seen a new trend: going lighter.

minus 33 merino wool clothing, Ben on adventures checks out the expedition crew. features Ben wearing expedition crew outside.

Ben On Adventures Checks Out the Minus33 Expedition Crew!

Looking to stay extra warm this winter?

When you’re preparing for an adventure one of the first things that usually will come to mind is what base layer you may select.  Some features of a good base layer are to keep you warm, wick sweat, be lightweight and fit well.  While on my adventure at Preston Island I was wearing the Minus33 Yukon Men’s Expedition Crew.  Here are my thoughts and overall review of this item..