Kodiak Expedition Wool Full Zip Hoody

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Much like the coat on the Kodiak Bear, our Kodiak is our warmest cold weather garment. Made with our Expedition weight 400 g/m2 fleeced Merino Wool fabric, the Kodiak Hoody is crafted with thumb holes and a drawstring to bundle you up for wicked cold days. This hoody is amazing whether you are working the crab boats off the Alaskan coast, biking around Boston without a jacket in January or just going for a leisurely walk on a fall afternoon. This is a truly world class garment that you won’t leave home without.

Kodiak is the main city on Kodiak Island, Alaska; it’s also the name of the most feared bear in the world, commonly called the Alaskan Grizzly Bear. The Kodiak Bear is one of the largest species of bear, along with the Polar Bear.