Kobuk Men’s Expedition Weight 1/4 Zip

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When it’s cold out, are you the first to go out and the last to come in? Even if it’s windy? Even if it’s snowing? If you said yes, then this top is calling your name. This ¼ zip features thumb holes, a mock neck, and a zipper for venting. You’ll love the warmth and comfort it provides while you are battling the elements!

Kobuk Valley is home to a National Park, 500,000 migrating Caribou, majestic sand dunes, and the life of them all, the Kobuk River. Being so remote and with no roads leading to this beautiful place, it’s not hard to see why so few travelers make it to see the annual Caribou migration. Kobuk Valley is located inside the Arctic Circle, where temperatures can fall as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter night.