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Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life

Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life

Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life


You probably know someone who can’t get enough of the outdoors, whether it is camping, hiking, or simply everything that has anything remotely to do with nature. So, with the holidays approaching faster than you thought possible, what can you get the person who loves fresh air and adventure? Well, this gift guide will certainly get you started!

Upgrade the Gear


Your loved one probably already has all the necessary gear, but who wouldn’t enjoy an upgrade? Well, when it comes to outdoor fun, one can never underestimate the power of good hiking boots. Whether it is for backpacking or a day hike, the right boots make a world of difference as far as safety, durability, and comfort. No matter which you choose, consider a pair that is waterproof, lightweight, and made of material that breathes. And when considering feet, don’t forget about the importance of hiking socks. A good pair of hiking socks can cushion and warm your feet and reduce the chances of developing blisters.


With all this hiking and exploration, it might be nice to have a comfy place to rest, especially during overnight treks. The cartoon sleeping bags you used in elementary school won’t cut it in the wilderness, so make sure the sleeping bag you choose is up to par. There are also a variety of sleeping pads, which are very portable, making them ideal for a camping trip or a long night on a buddy’s cabin floor.


Provide the Essentials


You can’t go wrong with the essentials, and even if your outdoor enthusiast already has one, having two never hurt. For example, a multi-tool can be a lifesaver when you are away from civilization, but they can be handy to keep in your house or car, too. Most tools come with knives, scissors, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and bottle openers. Some even include nail clippers and files. Yet another outdoor essential is a fire starter, making it easy to start up a blaze in even the worst conditions, which is of course when you need it the most.


Both of these suggestions are great survival tools, but what if humans aren’t the only ones that accompany your outdoor enthusiast on adventures? Dogs make an excellent outdoor companion, as they are always ready for whatever adventure comes their way. However, hikers can make sure their trusty pooch is always safe and happy with a first-aid kit. You can make sure they are safe and warm as well with a doggy sleeping bag that is as cute as it is comfy.


Go Unique, But Useful


Finding a unique gift is always fun, but it should also be useful. Think about it. How often is someone going to use a pocket TV, not to mention find a signal to get it to work? A survival grenade is both unique and useful (grenade not included). This little contraption gets its name from the grenade shape, but it’s the paracord-wrapped contents that make it truly distinctive. Should your loved ones find themselves in survival mode, they can unwrap the grenade to reveal a plethora of life-saving items such as water-purification powder, fishing line/hooks, sewing needle/buttons, trail-marking tape, and a compass to name a few. The grenade itself easily attaches to a backpack via the included carabiner, so it is always nearby.


If you are looking to give the gift of indulgence rather than survival gear, then a travel-sized espresso maker might be the ticket. With its tiny size, your outdoor lover can quickly whip up a cup of joe to sip while taking in the scenic views. Don’t forget to throw in their favorite coffee as an extra treat. Perhaps you could reward them with a monthly treat such as subscription box filled with handy items for outdoor enthusiasts.


The countdown to the holidays is on, and with it comes the pressure to buy the perfect gift. Take the stress out of your holiday shopping and get the gift every outdoor enthusiast will love with the suggestions in this gift guide.


Article by Neil Stawski |
Photo from Pixabay.