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Minus33 Walleye Opener Northern Minnesota Fishing

Walleye Opener

Mid-May is some of the best to be on the water in northern Minnesota. The annual Walleye Opener brings some the of the best Minnesota has to offer: Walleye, Pike and Perch. It’s something most Minnesotans look forward to participating in every year.

You really don’t know what Mid-May has to offer on any given year. Last year we had snow and bitterly cold northern winds. This year however, was opposite, bringing sunshine and 65-degree weather and heavy rains to go with the warmer weather. Battling the elements is key to being successful. Minus33 shines for this, keeping you warm when you need to be, and dry when you need to be. Some of my favorite pieces to wear during the spring and summer fishing seasons are Algonquin Lightweight S/S Tee, Allagash Lightweight Wool ¼ Zip, Low Rise Trail Sock and Saratoga Lightweight Bottom.

Minus33 Walleye Opener Northern Minnesota Fishing

Success is never given when it comes to trying to find those eater fish, it is something you need to work for. The opener this year proved to be just that. Minus33 allows you to stay comfortable and grind out those days when that’s the only thing that works. During tournaments or finding the fish for a meal, Minus33 provides you a versatility in performance that allows you to keep going no matter the conditions. Mother nature in Minnesota can be unforgiving in her own right and you always need to be prepared for the worst.

Minus33 Walleye Opener Northern Minnesota Fishing

The Minnesota angling is still young and some of the best parts are yet to come. One thing is for certain, if you ever manage to take part in this wonderful time of year it is something that can truly be obsessive. Searching for not only food on the plate but that trophy fish could come at any moment. It’s what drives the person to keep going back for more. That one tight line may be a story of a life time!


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minus 33 merino wool clothing, winter snowboarding, outdoors, merinoholic KyleI am a believer that in your passion is what makes you successful as a person. My drive for the outdoors drives me in my work field, sales and finance. I was born into both business and the outdoors, coming from a long line of outdoorsmen and women in my family.


Enjoying the peace of the north woods on a fall day or the serenity of the open water in the spring and summer, my mind travels endlessly to all aspects of hunting and fishing. It’s more than just the challenge of being successful, it’s about being in our element in its most natural form. Understanding the most natural things to us and not forgetting what brought me to where I am. For that reason, I am a Merinoholic!


Favorite Minus33 Products: Algonquin Men’s Lightweight Wool S/S Crew, Kearsarge Lightweight Wool Polo, Low Rise Wool Trail Sock, Thermerino Men’s Midweight Hooded Jacket, just to name a few!

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