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From Alleghany National Forest to Haiti

This spring was a season of change and as always, adventure. I played my last college softball game, graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, completed a black diamond rope course (it was killer), adopted a puppy, traveled to Haiti, and started grad school.


Ropes Course with Minus33 at Bristol Mountain New York

Hike with Dakota and Minus33


After spending a busy week in NYC exhibiting a project, escaping to Alleghany National Forest for Memorial Day weekend was a treat.  The weekend cycled between scorching sun and thunderstorms with rain.  Changing into dry light and midweight Minus33 wool after a damp hike or canoe ride was a great way to start an evening by the fire.


Alleghany National Forest with Minus33


Haiti was an extraordinary experience.  I spent the week meeting with patients and rapidly designing mechanical parts for 3D printed prosthetics to test alongside four amazing engineers and two local prosthetists.  We worked about 18 hours a day in 100-degree heat with no AC and sometimes no electricity.  I will definitely never complain about the AC in the lab back home being too cold ever again. We also had the opportunity to hike around grounds of an old medical clinic that was destroyed in the 2012 earthquake, where we found medical equipment, clothing, and prosthetic parts in the rubble.  The experience was moving and humbling.


Prosthetics in Haiti

Welcome to Haiti

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About the Author

minus 33 merino wool clothing, winter snowboarding, outdoors, merinoholic EmmaAny situation that pushes the limits of my comfort zone and has a positive impact on other people is what makes me the happiest.  From volunteering in rural Ecuador, to the local animal shelter, Minus33 gear keeps me comfortable and dry so I can focus on what’s important.


During my free time, you can find me on a mountain snowboarding, camping, kayaking, or hiking with my Siberian Husky, Kya. We love to be outdoors and moving.


Favorite Minus33 Product: “My favorite Minus33 product is the Low Rise Trail Sock.  They are soft, the perfect weight, they provide cushion, and keep my feet dry and cool.  They’re great for hiking, working out, and day to day wear.”

Meet Emma