Minus 33 Merino wool clothing, the power of spring

The Power of Spring

Canadian weather can be unpredictable in the spring. What draw me to this wonderful rocking place are the cold water walleyes that many people seek during the early spring of fishing season. This is the first time I discovered how wonderful Minus33 actually is.

The cold wind and rain are little to match for Minus33. The rains came, the weather changed and it got very cold, and Minus33 kept me in the boat long after the storm left. The ability to keep you warm when you get wet, and the fact that it dries in a short amount of time, is wonderful.  The weather throughout the trip changed from warm too cold in just a few hours and the constant hammering of rain made it difficult for some to stay in the boat. Minus33 gave me the ability to enjoy the water as much as possible and to stay warm the entire trip. This was the first time a I became a believer in Minus33 and it is something that I wear every day for work or play. You will not find a better made or more innovative product than Minus33.

I have used Minus 33 from the tops of Mountains all the way to the cold frozen water of lakes, and I have yet to find something that is comparable to Minus33.  When you fish in the climate that can change its mind in minutes, you need to be able to have clothing that will adjust with it. My passions drive my desires and I want to be ready for anything to have the most success possible. I am a believer in what I use, that’s why I only use the best!


Meet Kyle

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minus 33 merino wool clothing, winter snowboarding, outdoors, merinoholic KyleI am a believer that in your passion is what makes you successful as a person. My drive for the outdoors drives me in my work field, sales and finance. I was born into both business and the outdoors, coming from a long line of outdoorsmen and women in my family.


Enjoying the peace of the north woods on a fall day or the serenity of the open water in the spring and summer, my mind travels endlessly to all aspects of hunting and fishing. It’s more than just the challenge of being successful, it’s about being in our element in its most natural form. Understanding the most natural things to us and not forgetting what brought me to where I am. For that reason, I am a Merinoholic!


Favorite Minus33 Products: Algonquin Men’s Lightweight Wool S/S Crew, Kearsarge Lightweight Wool Polo, Low Rise Wool Trail Sock, Thermerino Men’s Midweight Hooded Jacket, just to name a few!

Meet Kyle
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