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Weekend Slabs on Rainy Lake Merinoholics Adventures Kyle

Weekend Slabs on Rainy Lake

With the fall colors comes some of the best fishing of the year. In northern Minnesota there lies a lake that holds some of the largest Crappies in the country! With Rainy Lake’s beauty comes great fishing. The Crappies in Rainy Lake are the 3rd favorite target for Anglers falling behind Walleyes and Northern Pike.READ MORE

minus 33 merino wool clothing, White Castle becomes official sponsor of USA Luge


Chance to win a trip for two to the 2018 USA Luge Fantasy Camp in Lake Placid, New York


  Columbus, Ohio – Do you have what it takes to be a slider? White CastleÒ is proud to team up with USA Luge for the nationwide Be A Sliderä contest, searching for one bold Craver to win a trip for two to the 2018 USA Luge Fantasy Camp where they’ll experience what it takes to be a luge athlete!

Here is the USA Luge schedule for the fall training and World Cup competition periods

FALL TRAINING (subject to change)

  • Athletes in Lake Placid until late September
  • Sept. 15 – Annual USA Luge Start Championships
  • Sept. 25 – Oct. 4 / Lillehammer, Norway
  • Oct. 7-13 / Whistler, B.C. / Seeding race 1 on Oct. 13
  • Oct. 15-19 / Calgary, Alb. / Seeding race 2 on Oct. 18 or 19
  • Oct. 21-29 / Lake Placid / Norton National Championships (prime opportunity in the pre-season for media availability). Weather permitting the team will be on the ice from 9-11 AM.


2017 Norton Seeding Race 1 Results

WHISTLER, British Columbia – Sochi Olympic bronze medalist Erin Hamlin, Tucker West and the doubles team of Matt Mortensen and Jayson Terdiman, all won their respective divisions Friday in the USA Luge Norton Seeding race at Whistler, B.C. that officially kicked off the new season.

Review: Saratoga Lightweight Bottoms

For the past two years, I have worked for the U.S. House of Representatives serving the constituents in the most professional manner. Politics and service to others is in my blood. I have had a wealth of experience in my young life and I always have sought out ways to challenge myself and take risk. Risk that has always bettered my character and experience.  As such, I have been in the planning stages of completing a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018.READ MORE

Read Before You Go Merinoholics Adventures Will

Read Before You Go

Read before you go.


There is an abundance of resources available these days to anyone looking to hit the trails. I encourage everyone to get a good guide book and map to plan their trip. Even with those available, use your common sense when out there.READ MORE

It's All Relative Merinoholics Adventures Stephen

It’s All Relative

As a born-and-bred child of the North-East, I was often told fables of the perfect 72 degrees of the Southern California. And I’d hate to be the one to shatter this illusion; but after a summer in California, I can tell you, it gets hot… and if the autumnal equinox is any indication, it gets cold too.READ MORE

Food for the Trail Merinoholics Adventures Martin

Foods For The Trail

Should I pack a full lunch, or just a couple snacks?

Sweet or salty?

How much is too much?

What foods are best?

Those are only a few of the questions that come to mind when prepping for a (long) day outdoors. Like everyone else, I come across these situations and through trial and errors learn about the best ways to meet my food requirements on the trail. So here are a few tips that I picked up along the way:READ MORE

Unfinished Business Merinoholics Adventures Martin

Unfinished Business

Unfinished business: a trip back to where I left off


This summer, I felt ready.

I was going back to Pioneer Peak. Last year I got to the South Summit and back, after a fairly strenuous 10 hour-hike, over 12 miles and 6000 ft of elevation gain.
A ridge separates the South from the North Summit. There is only a 50 feet difference in height between the two summits, but I felt compelled to get to the top of the highest one. The ridge that separates the two peaks is pretty exposed and requires some fairly descent scrambling skills. I knew it could still be challenging but I wanted to try it.READ MORE

When Summit Fever Takes Over - Minus33 Merinoholics Adventures by Emma

When Summit Fever Takes Over

It’s 2am and we are speeding down a dark, empty highway, less than an hour after our plane landed in Ecuador. In the seats behind a taxi driver whose language I do not speak well, we are completely unaware of where we are or the direction we should be going in. The altitude and anxiety are kicking into full gear just as we finally pull up to the home of our host family. We sigh with relief as a friendly face helps us out of our car and greets us in broken English. Up until that moment, the limits of my comfort had never been pushed so far.READ MORE

kya - blog, field and dog

Camping With A Dog: Important Considerations To Make

Camping With A Dog: Important Considerations To Make

Camping is a great way to get out in nature, explore a bit, and get in some exercise that’s fun at the same time. Many campers bring their dogs along, especially if there’s hiking to be done, because most dogs love the trails as much as their owners. There are some considerations to make, however, so check out these tips on keeping your pooch safe.READ MORE