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Where is Minus33 located?

Minus33 is headquartered in Ashland, NH. This is our corporate office/warehouse with no actual retail store but please feel free to come in weekdays between 9am-5pm if you would like to buy direct.

How can I contact Minus33?

Please note our business hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, EST.

We typically respond within 24 business hours.

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PO Box 515 • 22 Mill St • Ashland, NH 03217

[email protected]


Live Chat with @Minus33MerinoWoolClothing via Facebook

Returns and Exchanges

What is your return/exchange policy?
Returns/Exchanges Purchased Through

All non-warranty returns/exchanges must be completed within 30 days of purchase and product must be returned in unused condition. Enclose our RA form with the items you are returning and include the order number found on your packing slip or confirmation email. If possible, use the original shipping package.


Returns/Exchanges Purchased Through Other Dealers

We recommend first doing a return or exchange through the dealer you purchased from. Your dealer will be willing to work with us directly if there is an issue they cannot resolve on their own.


Please view our full return policy below for more details.

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Product Questions

Where can I view size charts?

You can view all size charts and fit info below on our sizing page.

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How does Minus33 fit?

Our fit in its simplest is called regular. It runs true to size and isn’t that super tight sport fit as some are. It’s for the everyday person, every sport or occupation. We suggest buying the size top that you would purchase a T-shirt in and bottoms in the size you purchase for normal underwear. If you would like your Minus33 to be more fitted we advise to go a size down, as they are knitted they have plenty of stretch and should fit fine.


You can view all size charts and fit info below on our sizing page.

View Size Charts
Which weight should I buy?

Below is our temperature recommendation for wearing our products while active and while inactive. These ranges may differ for you based on how easily you get cold/warm, and based on what type of activity you are doing. The temperature recommendations are only a guide, please be aware of your environment at all times and always be ready to adapt to any changes in the weather!



(Such as running, hiking, skiing, biking, climbing)

Lightweight >+30°F
Midweight 0-30°F
Expedition <-0°F



(Such as camping, hunting, fishing, travel, lifestyle)

Lightweight >+60°F
Midweight 30-60°F
Expedition <-30°F

How can I care for my Minus33?




When washing your Minus33 garments, turn it inside out, machine wash cold on the delicate or gentle or wool setting with mild detergent (wool-specific detergent for best results). Separate all colors and DO NOT USE BLEACH OF ANY KIND. Tumble dry low, or lay flat to dry. Use a warm steam iron to retain shape.




When washing your Minus33 Socks, machine wash cold on the delicate or gentle cycle or wool setting with mild detergent (wool-specific detergent for best results). Separate all colors and DO NOT USE BLEACH OF ANY KIND. Tumble dry low, or lay flat to dry.




When washing your Minus33 Hats, turn it inside out, then machine wash cold on the delicate or gentle cycle or wool setting with mild detergent (wool-specific detergent for best results). Separate all colors and DO NOT USE BLEACH OF ANY KIND. DO NOT tumble dry. Lay flat to dry.




For long term storage, be sure to store your Minus33 in an airtight container, such as a Ziploc bag or plastic storage bin when not in use. This will keep moths from eating your wool! Be sure to clean your Minus33 before storing. You can also purchase certain moth deterrents or traps to aid in moth prevention. Moths do not like cedar, so you can also store your Minus33 in a cedar chest, or with cedar blocks to aid in prevention. Additionally, many wool-specific detergents will contain moth repelling ingredients.


We encourage our customers to be aware of the possibility of moth damage, as it is more common than most think! Even if you don’t see the moths, the damage is usually caused by moth larva, not full-grown moths. There are many resources on the web with more information regarding moths. Be aware that moths are not the only threat to your wool! There are some beetles that will cause damage as well.

What is the life expectancy of wool?

Life expectancy of wool depends on a few factors. Amount of use, amount of washing/proper washing techniques, proper storage, and the fabric weight. With normal use, you can expect to get about 2-4 years out of your wool. You can probably get a lot more with good care! Wool is more delicate than synthetic garments, so be sure to follow proper washing and storage instructions..

Why does my product/packaging have a blue logo?

Some of our older stock still has our older branding. These older pieces are only in select size/color combinations, mostly in slower selling styles/colors and the less popular sizes (XS or XXXL). If you have questions or concerns please contact us and we will make sure you either receive your Minus33 as you desire it or we will advise what color/style/size to purchase. Currently these older pieces account for less than 1% of our total inventory and in the off chance you receive one we will gladly help exchange if you so desire.

What about sheep welfare and production ethics?
Mulesing and Sheep Welfare

Mulesing is a controversial procedure carried out in some countries that involves removing skin around the tail to prevent flies laying eggs and causing a painful infection. Growers who sign contracts to provide wool to Minus33 agree not to use mulesing on their sheep, by these traditional methods. Our wool is certified by AWTA LTD to be of required ethics and qualities.


Wool Source

Our wool is 100% Australian Merino.



At this time our products are manufactured in China. We do take measures to ensure our workers are treated fairly and humanely.

Shipping Questions

Do you ship internationally? APO/FPO/DPO? Hawaii/Alaska?

Yes! International Standard rate is $40USD, and Rush is $100USD. Select your country first upon checkout to view the rates. The recipient is responsible for any duties and taxes. We are legally obligated to declare the true value of the package.


APO/FPO/DPO and orders to Hawaii and Alaska will ship via USPS.

What is UPS SurePost?

SurePost is a service provided by UPS in which shipping may come through the USPS.  UPS will deliver from us to your local post office, and your post office will deliver your package to you from there. You can learn more on UPS’s web site here.

Do you have a dealer in my state/country?
Find A Dealer

Check out our dealer locator here and enter your zip code to find the nearest dealer to you. We also sell on Amazon, Amazon Canada, BackCountry, Overstock, and many other online retailers. If you have a nearby dealer that you want to carry our product, please let them know that they can apply on our web site! We do recommend calling ahead to any dealers before you go out of your way to visit to double check their inventory. Our dealers carry different ranges of product and it may vary depending on the season.

Other Questions

Can I get some Minus33 stickers or a catalog?

Most orders are shipped with stickers. If you would like stickers and want to make sure you receive some please place a note in the comment field when you place an order. Alternately please email us at [email protected]. If you would like to request a catalog, please fill out the form below with your shipping information. Please note the catalogs do not feature pricing, only product information.

Download Catalog
Request Stickers/Catalog
How can I help promote Minus33?

We do offer a Brand Ambassador Program for those interested in helping to promote the Minus33 brand. Please apply at this link.


We will review your application upon submission.


You can also help by following us on social media and sharing our posts!

When will you guys be doing a sale?
Do you price match?

We’re sorry, no we don’t price match. We encourage you to purchase through our many retailers as they are also our customers. Please see our Dealer Locator for stores near you and online stores.

If I buy X amount can I receive a discount?

We’re sorry but we do not offer quantity discounts through our website. We do have many other online and brick and mortar stores that can offer you great deals. Please check our Dealer Locator for a list of stores near you and our many online retailers.

Where's your privacy policy?

Please see our Legal page for our privacy policy and other concerns.