Dealer Information

Dealer Frequently Asked Questions

Does Minus33 require a minimum opening amount for initial orders?


Can I become an Authorized Minus33 Dealer if I only have an online store?

Yes, at this time. Minus33 is currently approving e-commerce Dealers, but not adding any additional retailers who only sell exclusively on 3rd party sites.

Do you drop ship?

Only for stocking retailers and we do not allow Drop Ship programs for 3rd Party site sales.

Does Minus33 allow third-party retailing?

No, Minus33 does not authorize its Dealers to engage in third-party retailing without approval. (This is the practice of an original dealer selling Minus33 merchandise to another retailer or on another retailer’s platform.)

Does Minus33 offer Point-of-Purchase displays and merchandising support?

Yes, Minus33 has POP display options and professional merchandising support available to all authorized Dealers.